Review: Crossfire

Mit dem wuchtigen „Last Night In Hell“ und dem Killerrefrain, folgt hingegen mein persönliches Albumhighlight, ehe das klassische „Albhartach“, fordernd angereiht wird.

Rating: 8/10

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17 Nov 2018

Review: Metal Observer

...the refinement of the style should be enough to win over most rock and metal fans without a struggle. Any festival-goer knows the power of punchy, simple riffs, bold, memorable choruses, and moments of lead guitar abandonment, all of which are included on almost every song on Lucifer’s Factory. Factor in a dream production job and a five-piece line-up in which everyone pulls his own weight – we really have a winner on our hands here.

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4 Oct 2018

News: Albhartach video released

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you ALBHARTACH

This new video was recorded and directed by Jim Crone who is also responsible for all previous official Stormzone videos.

Starring: D.J. Griffin and Lynzi Harbinson

When Bram Stoker created the famous vampire Dracula it is thought that the Irish author may have been heavily influenced by the legend of 'Albhartach' a character who terrorised an ancient Northern Ireland many centuries before Vlad Dracul ruled Transylvania. Belfast metal merchants Stormzone feel the original vampire deserves his moment in the moonlight!

21 Sep 2018

News: FullMetal Osthessen

By arrangement with B.V.M.M. Stormzone is proud to announce that they will be headline act at FullMetal Osthessen on Saturday, March 16th, 2019. Further dates to be announced soon!

24 Jul 2018

Review: Novedades Metal

“Monsters” con buenos machaques de guitarra y agradable melodías que emanan de las seis cuerdas, como siempre mucho trabajo de las guitarras, la batería a contra tiempo, un detalle que enriquece la composición,  sobre el machaque pesado de las guitarras sus solos son melódicos,  otro momento que disfruté mucho del disco. 

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24 Jul 2018

Review: Metal Underground

Lucifer´s Factory ist gelungenes Kraftfutter für Fans des wirklich kraftvollen, aber dabei auch immer melodischen und eingängigen Power Metals. Auch wenn der wirklich große Abräumer fehlt, machen die Songs dank deftigem Riffing und gelungenen Mitsing-Parts durch die Bank weg Spaß. Kindergeburtstag-Jingles und Keyboard-Pomp – absolute Fehlanzeige.

Rating: 4/5

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10 Jul 2018

News: Spanish dates confirmed for October 2018

Stormzone will be back in our home from home this October. We can't wait!

25 Oct 2018 :: Zaragoza - Sala Utopia

26 Oct 2018 :: Vitoria - Urban Rock Concept

27 Oct 2018 :: Madrid - Sala Silikona

28 Oct 2018 :: Puertollano - Krater Rock City

1 Jul 2018

Review: Lords of Metal

Stormzone has never released a weak album and fortunately this did not happen to them on ‘Lucifer’s Factory’ either. Fans of traditional heavy metal that do not shun a little complexity and variation do not have a single excuse not to listen to this excellent album. So when is this large-scale breakthrough coming?

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20 Jun 2018

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  • Ice Rock 2019

    Date: TBA
    Location: Wasen, Switzerland

  • Full Metal Festival

    Date: 16 March 2019
    Location: Osthessen , Germany

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Lucifer's Factory

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