Seven Sins video countdown - Bathsheba

As promised, here begins the 'Twelve Days of Seven Sins'. A little different from the Christmas fable, this is definitely not the season to be jolly! On the first day of Seven Sins my true love sent to me....a visit from 'Bathsheba'! Song one on our new album, come and meet a truly twisted mind and find out a little more about Dr Dealer's trusted but beautifully dark and evil companion. You never know, Dr Dealer's travelling Emporium might arrive overnight in your vicinity very soon and, unlike Bathsheba's previous victims, you might just benefit from a little prior information!

22 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - Another Rainy Night

The 'Twelve days of Seven Sins', Day Two, Song Two - the story behind 'Another Rainy Night'. Following hot on the heels of our introduction to 'Bathsheba', you can now get an insight into what happens when a town anticipates the imminent arrival of Dr Dealer's mysterious Emporium. The circumstances have to be just right, the travelling troupe of gifted misfits need the cover of darkness, the sound of thunder, blinding lightning and raining beating against bedroom windows to hide their arrival. Will this be an evening with dawn bringing a fearful attraction, or will this just be 'Another Rainy Night'?

23 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - Your Time Has Come

We're now three songs in to our 'Twelve Days of Seven Sins' and hopefully the stories behind the songs are giving you an insight into the overall adventure contained with our new album. Each song relates to the next, but, listened to on it's own, any song on the album can have a separate meaning to an individual listener. 'Your Time Has Come' has an important part to play in the Seven Sins concept and relates to the thoughts of someone Dr Dealer and Bathsheba are about to rescue. Feeling trapped, helpless, abused and misunderstood, these emotions are about to change with the arrival of the Dr's mysterious carnival, but they are emotions that people other than our victim feels, so read them into the storyline or relate to them outside of it, either way, 'Your Time Has Come'!

24 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - The One That Got Away

Day four. Dr Dealer is a powerful man who doesn't suffer fools lightly and he prides himself in having the sharpest of minds. This enables him to work people out within seconds of meeting them. He is, though, only human like the rest of us, and occassionally a person has the ability to trick him! On these rarest of occassions his initial impression of a particular person might be influenced by their importance within a community such as a minister or highly regarded social worker. As the old saying goes, 'all that glitters is not gold', and someone who would normally experience the unique and swift experience connected to a visit from Dr Dealer and Bathsheba might, due to an initial outer appearance of blinding goodness, slip through his net. Someone like this, however, doesn't remain safe in the shadows for too long! Something always gives them away, and, once exposed, they will never escape the deadly pursuit of Dr Dealer's determined Emporium, finding themselves, only temporarily, 'The One That Got Away'!

25 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - I Know Your Pain

Day 5. Have you ever been in a place where, without having had any prior knowledge of it's history, you just sense an atmosphere whereby you just know something awful or significant has happened there? The old saying begins ' if these walls could talk', and one of Dr Dealer's many gifts enables him to be able to communicate with the soul of a town, the soul of it's buildings though, not it's people. Part gift part curse, very few places which the Emporium passes through can claim not to have dark secrets, and each street opens a conversation between our carnival ringkeeper and it's structures, with maybe one of them a prison cell for a tortured soul he can rescue. The buildings call out to Dr Dealer, and the Dr replies 'I Know Your Pain'!

26 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - Seven Sins

Day 6. We have been asked why the title track, 'Seven Sins', not the seventh song on the new album? Well actually it is....the seventh from the end that is! This is when you start to get a real look inside the mysterious carnival, and, behind the curtain of the seventh wagon of Dr Dealer's travelling Emporium, our protagonist awaits to challenge those brave (or foolish) enough to compete with him in the deadly game of Seven Sins. So do you fancy a gamble and want to know the odds? You'll have to watch the video to work out your chances...I think the last sentence will affect your decision!

27 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - You're Not The Same

Day 7...quite a significant number!! This could be the day that light finally floods into a cold, damp cellar to gradually expose a captive soul whose eyes can adjust and properly see for the first time. Dr Dealer rescues those looked on as a little different, but 'You're Not The Same' doesn't refer to the physical aspect of those he frees from years of cruel captivity, but to how their lives have now absolutely changed, welcomed into his caring Seven Sins Emporium with a future in which any difference will be looked on as special rather than a deficiency. What's wrong with being a little different?

28 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - Raise The Knife

Day 8 and an insight with today's video into what happens after Dr Dealer, Bathsheba and the rest of our protagonist's gifted misfits successfully rescue an imprisoned person in need of specialised treatment that the Dr can't give while out on the road. In a previous song, 'I Know Your Pain', the lyrics begin "Where I've just come from, you'll never know", but sometimes in extreme cases the leader of the traveling Emporium just has to make his way back to base where he has the ability, if necessary, to 'Raise The Knife'. Very few know how to get there, watch the video and find out a little more about Dr Dealer's secret sanctuary!

29 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - Abandoned Souls

Day 9 and D Day is getting closer...Dr Dealer Day that is! August 3rd is just around the corner and if you're trapped in a world of mundanity and fed up that Game Of Thrones is finished for another season and want a new adventure, grab a copy of Seven Sins and join the Emporium as it's carnival wagons and interesting characters travel through one adventure after another searching for 'Abandoned Souls'. You maybe feel a little abandoned yourself...fear not...Dr Dealer will get to you...eventually!

30 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - Special Brew

Judging by reviews so far, Seven Sins is definitely our 'if Carlsberg recorded albums' release but, contrary to popular belief, 'Special Brew', the 10th song on the album, is not a tribute to their famously strong lager! It instead refers to a particularly potent concoction, one of Dr Dealer's Seven Sins potions, but the song isn't as much about the Dr's wonder mixture as it is about those who make it for him and those who crave it so much...and why!! All is revealed in todays video.

31 Jul 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - Master Of Sorrow

Day 11, and the penultimate 'story behind the song', the 'Master Of Sorrow'. This isn't exactly what you would first imagine. Dr Dealer is, indeed, quite capable of ensuring that those he finds guilty of cruely and neglect towards poor beings deserving of maximum love and attention will end up ultimately regreting their treatment of their 'cursed' offspring. But his various missions in life also find him rewarding good people who he discoveres are quite the opposite to those capable of harming without concience. He really can master their sorrow, but remove it as much as to ensure that cruel people inevitably feel it! There's always a small price to pay. He is, after all, a business man and has, himself, to answer to a particularly demanding boss! But his adventures are as much about hope as they are about despair, and in mastering the sorrow of those decent people he comes across, he feels a much different kind of pleasure to that which he experiences when faced with 'dealing' out his version of deadly justice. He is, indeed, the true 'Master Of Sorrow'.

1 Aug 2015

Seven Sins video countdown - Born Of The Damned

'Born Of The Damned' sees the end of the 12 days of Seven Sins, and therefore means that, as of today, our new album is officially released and available through all major sources. The 'story behind the song' for the last track on the album gives a further insight into the mind of the protagonist Dr Dealer and his relationship with Bathsheba and many more leading characters in the world of his traveling Emporium. I truly hope you enjoy being part of our extremely dark imaginations. From today, an amazing journey begins....

2 Aug 2015

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