Review: Planet Mosh

The ambition of the album is evident right from the very start, with the haunting violin and drum intro to ‘Bathsheba’, before the song rips into a roundhouse of volleying riffs and a powerhouse percussive beatdown from Davy Bates, whose enduring enthusiasm for what he does can be practically felt with every contact between stick and skin.  With Graham McNulty’s bass rumbling away in the background, Steve Moore’s frenetic fretwork drives the song forward with the speed of Lance Armstrong fleeing a drugs test, while there are some neat eastern touches, especially in the rolling riff which dominates the rousing final section.  Over the top of everything, John ‘Harv’ Harbinson delivers another soaring performance, his rich falsetto rising and falling in perfect harmony with the rise and fall of the body of the music.

Rating 5/5

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13 Jul 2015

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