Live review: Get Your Rock Out

There’s a moment in every festival you go to where you find that one band which makes the whole trip worthwhile. Not one of the headliners, one of the lesser known bands who you have either never heard before or only have a vague knowledge of, but afterwards are a committed fan of. For me that band was Stormzone. The Belfast five-piece was perhaps the most polished sounding act of the whole weekend, and throughout their time on the second stage I and everyone else watching was completely hooked. ‘The Spectre’ was a slice of speed metal fury, ‘Death Dealer’ had a simply amazing riff before the combination of great bass, clean guitar chords and smoke enhanced an already electric atmosphere. ‘Three Kings’ and ‘The Legend Carries On’ were also unbelievable parts of a performance by for me the stand out band of Hard Rock Hell 2013.

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8 Dec 2013

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