Live review: Get Your Rock Out :: Bloodstock

There are always certain bands that you look forward to seeing more than others at these festivals, and having witnessed outstanding sets from them at Hard Rock Hell and Sonisphere I certainly couldn’t wait to see what Stormzone would bring to Bloodstock. Their immensely atmospheric style blew us away from the start, and like they’ve done so many times over the last year the Northern Irish outfit crafted a captivating and stunning performance that can only be described as mesmeric. Much of this was down to the spectacular vocal prowess of John ‘Harv’ Harbinson, and the exceptional guitar work of Steve Moore and David Shields. The anthemic gold of ‘The Pass Loning’ and ‘Where We Belong’ were of course major highlights, as was a stunning rendition of ‘Death Dealer’ and ‘The Legend Carries On’. It was admittedly unfortunate that they clashed with a popular band on the main stage just like they did at Sonisphere, but once again those who opted to check Stormzone out got something they will never forget.

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22 Aug 2014

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