Interview: PlanetMosh

Of course, you’re continuing to promote the enormously successful ‘Three Kings’ album: are you pleased with the reception the album has received since it was released in the summer?

“Just based on sales alone we are as pleased as punch! The first pressing of the album sold out before Christmas and our record company, Metal Nation, has already sold further copies from a new pressing. Add to that the fact that we have sold almost 600 copies at gigs and by our own means, well, a lot of people have ‘Three Kings’ in their collection right now and it is continuing to sell. That’s also due to the fact that even though it was officially released by the record company in September last year we are constantly getting reviews and interviews each month as if the album was just released, which gets us more exposure and encourages a few more sales. Last month [for example] we received an excellent review in Burrn magazine, Japan’s rock and metal bible! That keeps things truly fresh and relevant, and is actually indicative of the reaction to the album since its release.

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5 Mar 2014

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