Interview: Metal Temple

In my review for the superb Three Kings I stated that the album is pretty much dominated by the NWOBHM style and as a big fan of the first album, it’s for me the real heritage of that particularly successful mix of AOR and British Metal with strong vocals that hit home. What is your feelings about this quotation?​​​

Well for me there was no better period than NWOBHM for brilliant Metal and atmosphere at concerts and pubs just talking about all the great bands that were emerging back then. It is, of course, important for people to look at us as a band for the future, but also a band proud to be able to take what we were influenced by in the past and make modern audiences aware of where the excitement and power all came from. It's great for us to be able to get reviews and interviews and for young people to be reading about NWOBHM and then discovering it for themselves as a result of our reference. Then they can hear the first maiden albums with Paul DiAnno, hear Bruce Dickinson with SAMSON, DEF LEPPARD before they became so commercial and then hear a band such as DIAMOND HEAD and go, wow, I thought that was a METALLICA song when they hear 'Am I Evil' and suddenly get a little education as to the origins of the music we love so much!

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15 Aug 2013

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