Seven Sins video countdown - The One That Got Away

Day four. Dr Dealer is a powerful man who doesn't suffer fools lightly and he prides himself in having the sharpest of minds. This enables him to work people out within seconds of meeting them. He is, though, only human like the rest of us, and occassionally a person has the ability to trick him! On these rarest of occassions his initial impression of a particular person might be influenced by their importance within a community such as a minister or highly regarded social worker. As the old saying goes, 'all that glitters is not gold', and someone who would normally experience the unique and swift experience connected to a visit from Dr Dealer and Bathsheba might, due to an initial outer appearance of blinding goodness, slip through his net. Someone like this, however, doesn't remain safe in the shadows for too long! Something always gives them away, and, once exposed, they will never escape the deadly pursuit of Dr Dealer's determined Emporium, finding themselves, only temporarily, 'The One That Got Away'!

25 Jul 2015

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