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We are delighted to announce that Steve O, host of The Venom Nation Radio Show, will be presenting a very special STORMZONE showcase show on the 22nd September. The show will be broadcast across a host of stations for the 7 days following the initial broadcast.

The show will start airing from the 22nd September and will feature 5 songs from the Three Kings album. The show will be 2 hours long with tracks from W.E.T, Van Halen, Poison, and Black Sabbath, among others. Listen in to hear more of the amazing and passionate presentation with which Steve O delivers every show. Can he top the intro to the pain inside that has gathered cult status? I for one will be sure to see if he does!

The shows will air on 28 stations in total, details of which are available at

This is a huge point in the evolution of the band in North America and everyone associated with Blink Music Management, Metal Nations and Stormzone deeply appreciate the support Steve O has and continues to give the band. We salute you, Sir.

You can check out Steve O and his station at the links below.

And of course get over to Amazon at the following link to buy the album that is taking North America by Storm (pun intended)

Buy the album "Three Kings" on Amazon »

17 Sep 2013

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