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Stormzone continues to receive a vast amount of airplay across the Americas, and now we're spreading further afield to eastern Europe and Asia. The support shown from the all the radio stations has been amazing, and we're blown away by the efforts of our Northern American representative, Alan Cooke. Fantastic job!

Here's some of the stations that you can go to and hear Stormzone right now: KQLZ, Venom Nation, Rock X Radio,, Streets of Rock & Roll, Hard Rock Radio Live, Philly Rock Radio 1, Philly Rock Radio 2, Turn up the Radio, Depressive Metal, PowerHouseMixRadio, Pure Steele Radio, CandyShopRadio, MetalRevolutionRadio, Liquid Metal, X-Dominated, PhillyJamsRadio, Mid-AtlanticRock, MetalMatrixRadio, Hair Metal Mansion, Red Earth Radio, Heavy Nation, Web Rock Station, Antena 10 Radio Metal, Rock Radio Factory, Rock Radio.BE, The Rock Arsenal, Rock on Air, Threat Con, Xtreme Rock Radio, Alfa Rock, Heavy Metal Mayhem, San Diego Pirate, Krock 101.5fm, RockStation, S.o.S Metal Radio, Hard & Heavy, RBD, Power Metal Radio - which covers the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Turkey, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Portugal, Honduras, Argentina and Chile. Wow!!!!!!!

2 Oct 2013

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