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Welcome to the Stormzone guitar tab archive. We'll be trying to keep this up to date as new albums are released. It's not 100% complete, and probably not 100% correct either ;) because the way we play things live tends to be a bit different from the album versions, and these are all tabbed for two guitars. If it mentions a harmoniser, you can rest assured that we played all the parts in the studio but have to use a harmoniser on stage!  Anyways, things evolve, parts are combined or changed for various reasons, but it'll be enough to give you a start.

There's no solos tabbed out (boooo!) but we're putting together a few video specials to show you how to play some of the lead breaks. Hopefully they'll be online soon. Do let us know if you're interested in this.

In the meantime, open these in your favourite text editor (make sure you're using a fixed-width font and you have it set wide enough so the lines don't wrap!) and rock out! Enjoy!!

Guitar Tab Archive

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