Return To Zero (Zero To Rage Revisited)

After five albums Stormzone are about to hit the recording studio once more, but before entering Fire Machine Studios to begin work on their sixth album the guys took time to re-visit 'Zero To Rage', their third album which was released in 2011. Although the guys in the band are immensely proud of the songs on this third opus it was an album released before they were entirely happy with the production. Luckily Stormzone guitarist Steve Moore, also an immensely talented producer, managed to get his hands on all the original recordings and over the past few months he has lovingly re-mixed and re-mastered the whole album, adding instruments and sections where necessary. Without the pressure of a release deadline he has created an album that now sits very proudly amongst the Stormzone back catalogue and this time to the band's fullest satisfaction!

Entitled 'Return To Zero' this revisiting of 'Zero To Rage' not only features Steve Moore's world class production, mixing and mastering skills, it also contains brand new artwork plus two Stormzone songs never before released, 'Coming Home' and 'Face My Demons', especially recorded just for this album!

'Return To Zero' is available now as a HD digital download for just £7.99 by clicking on the following link:

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16 Dec 2016

Live footage: You're Not The Same

Nigel Jackson was kind enough to capture this footage of You're Not The Same from the magnificent Distortionfest 2016 event. It was Gordy Gray's first outing with the band, and we think you'll agree that he nailed it!!

29 Oct 2016

News: Gordy Gray joins Stormzone

Banbridge's own drumming dynamo Gordy Gray joins Stormzone!

The band will be debuting the new line-up in Belfast's Limelight 2 on the 29th Oct, supporting Warrior Soul at Distortionfest 2016. Shortly after this, an announcement will be made about a Spanish tour in early 2017, in a return to Stormzone's home from home.

The band is also scheduled to play some of the biggest festivals across the USA and Europe next year, with additional show dates being added in the run up to those.

Gordy will be providing the thunder on the 6th Stormzone album, which is set to be an explosive new chapter in the already weighty Stormzone book.

You can find out more about the man himself on

27 Sep 2016

News: Distortionfest 2016

Stormzone are delighted to announce that we will be appearing at Distortionfest 2016.

The line-up is absolutely fantastic:

Warrior Soul (USA)
Rabid Bitch Of The North
Bloodway (ROMANIA)
Valborg (GERMANY)
Bloodthread (SCOTLAND)
War Iron

Plus 5 more bands to be announced.

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26 Sep 2016

Review: Fireworks Magazine

'Seven Sins' is without a doubt Stormzone's tour-de-force and the ideas the band have for playing it in a live setting (see interview elsewhere) make this album an even more exciting prospect. As Melodic Metal records go, this one is a bit of a monster and it's definitely up there with the best ones I've heard this year.

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23 Jan 2016

Review: Burn! magazine

We've no idea what the review says, but with an 85/100 score, it must be pretty good!

Rating: 85/100

25 Dec 2015

News: New line-up

Having just released our 5th album, Seven Sins, we have now added a third guitarist Steve Doherty to the band, expanding Stormzone to a 6-piece to cope with the demands of faithfully recreating the music from Seven Sins live on stage.

Seven Sins has been getting excellent reviews since it's August release and Stormzone has also managed to achieve important exposure with features in European metal websites and magazines including the very influential Metal Hammer magazine. This has significally increased the band's profile around Europe and beyond.

Main focal points for the new stormzone 6-piece line-up are:

  • New video for Seven Sins album track 'Another Rainy Night', currently under production and set for release mid-November.

  • Continuing to rehearse and develop a unique stage show with the additional Stormzone personnel in order to build visually on what has been a widely well received new album!

  • Building on the 'track-by-track' description videos to give people a detailed insight into the characters and motives involved in the adventures contained on 'Seven Sins'.

  • Developing further Dr Dealer's universe, creating further exploits and circumstances for his traveling emporium and adding more gifted personalities to his Abandoned Souls carnival.

  • Exploring all possibilities with regards to playing live where and when possible in order to let metal fans in Europe see the new bigger Stormzone line-up and hear an extended set featuring songs from all 5 Stormzone albums!

It all kicks off with a special Halloween album launch on October 31st in the reknowned Diamond Rock Club in Northern Ireland. The band then plans to launch into a series of UK dates before embarking on a Christmas tour of Spain.

26 Oct 2015

Review: All Around Metal

"Seven sins" è un album di spessore che conferma gli Stormzone come band di assoluto valore. Se già li conoscete potete andare sul sicuro altrimenti forse è il caso corriate ai ripari e facciate vostro questo dischetto!

Rating: 4.5/5

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29 Sep 2015

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