Review: All Around Metal

"Seven sins" è un album di spessore che conferma gli Stormzone come band di assoluto valore. Se già li conoscete potete andare sul sicuro altrimenti forse è il caso corriate ai ripari e facciate vostro questo dischetto!

Rating: 4.5/5

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29 Sep 2015

Interview: Rock'n'Load

Check out the delightful Brenda McTaggart's interview with our very own Harv, Davy and Steve. Lots of cool questions in here, and don't miss the traditional pile-on at the end!!! 

14 Sep 2015

Review: Grande Rock

Those old-schoolers not too stuck on vinyl or bands that existed pre-198X or not in a band (thinking they’re the best thing since sliced bread) will probably like them and like them in a big way.

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13 Sep 2015

Live review: Chord Blossom

Despite some technical difficulties that would have written off a lesser band, tonight Stormzone snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and blew the small yet pumped crowd away with a performance worthy of their lively moniker. Mightily impressive, lads.

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12 Sep 2015

Live review: PlanetMosh

Yes, they are what you might call ‘niche’ – and, yes, they do appeal to a certain demographic.  And, yes, they are more popular outside their homeland.  But, they do what they do with passion and commitment – and that was clear this evening.

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8 Sep 2015

Review: Via Nocturna

Seven Sins, o quinto álbum dos Stormzone, apresenta 12 canções cada uma delas abordando as aventuras do misterioso Dr. Dealer. Musicalmente, é um disco épico de metal clássico, assente nas bases criadas pelos Iron Maiden. Um disco com poder, grandes melodias e muitas guitarras – fantásticas principalmente nos duelos solo/base – e uma grande maturidade bem notória nos ricos arranjos e na frequente utilização de duas vozes. Uma bela surpresa!

Rating: 5.7/6

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6 Sep 2015

Review: Uber Rock

Title track ‘Seven Sins’ has the feel of epic Iron Maiden to it, and indeed the influence of Maiden raises its head across several of the album’s tracks, such as the galloping metal of ‘Special Brew’. ‘Seven Sins’ is an accomplished album.

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31 Aug 2015

Review: Metal Underground

Irgendwo in der Schnittmenge zwischen Heavy Metal und Melodic Metal, dabei stets die Balance zwischen knackigen Riffs und catchy Melodien bewahrend, räubern die gebotenen zwölf Somgs durch die Gefilde des traditionellen Stahls.

Rating: 4/5

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26 Aug 2015

Review: Fireworks Magazine

"Seven Sins" is without a doubt Stormzone's  tour-de-force...

Go buy the magazine at your local newsagent to see the whole thing!!

21 Aug 2015

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