Review: Uber Rock

Title track ‘Seven Sins’ has the feel of epic Iron Maiden to it, and indeed the influence of Maiden raises its head across several of the album’s tracks, such as the galloping metal of ‘Special Brew’. ‘Seven Sins’ is an accomplished album.

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31 Aug 2015

Review: Metal Underground

Irgendwo in der Schnittmenge zwischen Heavy Metal und Melodic Metal, dabei stets die Balance zwischen knackigen Riffs und catchy Melodien bewahrend, räubern die gebotenen zwölf Somgs durch die Gefilde des traditionellen Stahls.

Rating: 4/5

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26 Aug 2015

Review: Fireworks Magazine

"Seven Sins" is without a doubt Stormzone's  tour-de-force...

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21 Aug 2015

Hot New Band: Metal Hammer

Stormzone are delighted to be featured in this month's Metal Hammer magazine. We're labelled the "Hot New Band", so go buy a copy at your local newsagent and check it out!!!

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20 Aug 2015

Review: Dioses Del Metal

Disco de Metal melódico altamente recomendable. Con momentos estelares, intensos y con poderío, así que la media de mis variables a valorar en este estilo sale de 8,25 puntos sobre diez. Un saludo metálico a todos.

Rating: 8.25/10

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20 Aug 2015

Interview: Rocktopia

The album starts off at a quite heavy and frenetic pace and at first that's what you get from listening to it. After more play-throughs however all the wonderful subtle melodies and arrangements show themselves and the album grows as you keep listening to it...

I agree and I think the reason for it is that for the first time ever, the music on this album was written by just two of the band members. For this album Steve Moore, our guitarist, and Kevin McNulty, our bass player, wrote all the music between them. Which has given the album a much more concentrated sound structure and believe me when I say that when the guys were sending over the tracks for me to hear, I was just blown away with what they were coming up with. That intensity you mentioned and how they'd really upped their game was just wonderful to hear. I knew then that I would have to up my game with the lyrics to match what they'd done and so their music I think, brought the best out of me as well.

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18 Aug 2015

Live review: Metal Journal

Encabezados por el vocalista John ‘Harv’ Harbinson, Stormzone acometieron una descarga de excelente heavy clásico con un horizonte melódico, muy bien ejecutado y con un sonido brillante. El cantante, que usó con soltura sus conocimientos de español en las presentaciones, derrochó el potencial de una voz perfecta para el heavy metal. Capaz de alcanzar tonos muy altos, sacaba partido de una gran técnica y unas hechuras de frontman de la vieja escuela. ‘Harv’ fue sin lugar a dudas uno de los mejores vocalistas que han pasado por la décima edición de Leyendas Del Rock.

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18 Aug 2015

Featured Album: Metal Heart


Les deux albums à l'honneur cette semaine sur MetalHeart.L'album découverte est celui de Stormzone - Seven SinsL'...

Posted by MetalHeart WebRadio on Monday, 17 August 2015

17 Aug 2015

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